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This layer shows the change in the percentage of rent stabilized units between 2007 and 2016. Properties appearing green gained stabilized units and properties appearing yellow, orange, or red lost units. Visit the tutorial page to learn more.

This layer shows the most recent sale since 2007. Darker red indicates a higher sale price per unit. Click the (ACRIS) link for property documents and visit the tutorial page to learn more..

This layer shows Alteration 1 (Alt 1), Alteration 2 (Alt 2), New Building (NB), and Demolition (DM) permits issued by the Department of Buildings (DOB) since 2007. Darker red indicates more total permits per unit. DOB permits reveal development that can cause displacement and renovations that can be used to destabilize apartments. Visit the tutorial page to learn more.

This layer shows the number of evictions executed by marshals in 2017 and 2018. Darker red indicates more evictions per unit. Visit the tutorial page to learn more.

Risk Layers
  • Units Gained
  • Units Lost
  • Low $ Price
  • High $ Price
  • Few Permits
  • Many Permits
  • Few Evictions
  • Many Evictions

Geography layers

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Data included: 1/1/07 through 12/31/18
Map last updated: April 2018
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Displacement Alert Project (DAP) Map 2.0!

The Displacement Alert Map is a rich resource of more than a decade of key data on residential displacement in New York City. The map shows loss of rent-stabilized units, property sales, and construction permits going back to 2007, and evictions from 2017-2018.

Each risk factor is its own layer, with properties color-coded by risk level. Click buttons on the right to change layers and click a property to view details. Find an address using the search button on the top left, or zoom to a geography using the drop-down options on the right.

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